Saturday, April 11, 2009


Baby Doll Annie

Annie pulling her ear
Annie sucking her thumb and playing with her foot

Cutie Pie....


Baby Doll Annie

My friend Colleen gave me this soft mohair she sells at her etsy shop"Sweet Things" and I stitched the hair to a chessecloth base , then applied Grrip glue and attached it to the dolls head


Baby Doll Annie

Head painted with fleshtone acrylic
head painted with Gesso and drying

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Baby doll Annie

It was my intention to keep the hands movable, so I dropped them into the sleevelike arms and lightly stuffed the arms to allow for lifelike movememt.I should mention that I formed the Fimo base so that there is a slight undercut which keeps the hands from slipping out of the bottom of the arm.


Baby Doll Annie

The fat fingers and hands were stuffed and positioned, then I added a Fimo base to each hand, baked it in the toaster oven and added Gesso & acrylic paint also.
When dry the hands feel like vinyl...real soft


Baby Doll Annie

The Doll's legs and hands were painted with white Gesso and fleshtone acrylic and hang to dry while directing warm air from a hair dryer to speed up the process. I admit it , this looked quite weird in my kitchen, but it worked great.The toes were first stuffed and sculptured and formed to be quite fat to resemble a baby's foot with the big toe being quite dominant.


Baby Doll , design Heidi BD

After receiving an e-mail from Paul at the Doll Net Market, I decided to participate in the the DollNetMarket Baby Doll Challenge 2009 and made this Doll design and pattern for a life size baby doll I named "Baby Annie " .

She has a cloth body suit which was filled with plastic pebbles contained in a knotted nylon stocking to give the body some weight and topped off with fairfield polyester fiber fill.
The arms were attached to the body suit with washers and heavy wire to allow for full motion.


Braided Rug

Ok, my first braided rug is completed. It was fun to learn the old folk art.

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