Friday, February 21, 2014


Ankie Daane's online class "Flat Brat ":

Heart shaped Styrofoam  used as head armature

upper body sculpted with paper clay ,skirt pattern was cut
from a Styrofoam circle -ready for painting and costuming

head painted and mohair glued on

Arms with sleeves attached to body and legs with shoes attached to foam skirt armature

Flat Brat all dressed up -with attitude in high heels with polymer clay cained pocket book and a huge blue hat ---
she is going into town for a Gin-tonic -as Ankie commented

Well, a lady needs a hat, the bigger - the better  !

My Flat Brat face in profile

Flat Brat's skirt was made from chintz cotton to which
multi-media treatment was applied- Viva gel over stencil sheets, when dry pattern was treated with blue  Mixed Media Inx ,which were then heat set
My Flat Brat doll is standing by herself again showing her attitude...hahaha


Flat Brat Doll ,Ankie Daanen's Online class

Monday, February 3, 2014

Attended a KNIT-OUT  held at the Pottstown Brookside CountryClub and took a class  on knitting short rows and made this Starfish Dishcloth knitted with cotton yarn
Lucky ME  won a door prize, a scented candle in a cable knit sweater design ceramic  jar.

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