Monday, February 15, 2010


Polymer Clay Baby Doll Friedolina got her Wings

Friedolina is pouting or do I see the beginning of a little smile? Now she has Wings.....but still no shoes.....


Wings for Clay Baby doll

Wings were attached to back of Doll by sewing on  a pipe cleaner. A loop at the ends of the main wire
was then used to secure each wing.
I had planned ahead when I designed her two piece dress toi be buttened in the back.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Making Fairy Wings with Textiva and wire

Fairy Wings will now get a coat of  Delta Ceramcoat Matte Varnish next to add strength and for a nice finish
The tutorial by Deb Woods can be found here:


Making Fairy Wings using Textiva and Wires

A coat of Gallery Glass Clear Frost was applied with a paintbrush and then sprinkled with Micro beads


Making Fairy Wings using Textiva and wires

The wings were flamed over a tea light candle which really changed the color,WOW !


Making Fairy Wings from Textiva and wires


Making Fairy Wings from Textiva

Here the glue has dried and the Textiva sheets were scissor trimmed to shape the wings

All wires were cut and positioned flat onto the sheet of Textiva , then Gem-Tac glue was applied to the underside of each wire and glued to the Textiva


Making Fairy Wings using Textiva and Wires

I found Deb Woods Tutorial  for Fairy Wings
and decided to make them.Here I placed the Textiva Fantasy Film over the Wings  drawing

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Polymer Clay Baby Angel Doll

My Polymer Clay Baby Doll in brand new ,hot off the needle, Angel outfit holding Valentines Heart

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