Saturday, June 9, 2012


Beaded Crystal Rainbow Bracelet

Some members of our  EGA Bead Group decided to purchase a kit with  instructions for this bracelet from it's designer Elizabeth Fusina  .
Its made with gold delica beads and crystal cubes in the colors of a rainbow.


Braided picture of a Sunset

The Valley Forge Rug Braiders Guild held its annual
Braid-in  in April 2012 at the Bally Springs Inn in Barto,PA.
Each year we are challenged to create a braided creation and this year it was to be "something about weather"...soooo I looked around our house and decided to ask my hubby if I could  use one of his paintings to try to create the scene by braiding it - to which he agreed.
It was time intensive to create the colors I wanted to have and instead of using wool dye, I used  Rit-Color Remove andselectively  took out color to create shading....Finally, I used thin colored wool roving fibers and needle felted those onto the braids....also needle felted the  boy and girl watching the Sun set. 
I named my braided fiber art picture"Sunset by the Sea" and won First price.


My first knitted sock

My dear friend Evie got me to do it - she gave me a little bag with yarn, knitting needles and a video and said:"here this is for you - if I can do it- you can do it"
hmmmm, I could not disappoint her ,soooo I actually did knit a sock and am working on its partner

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