Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Teasel and Lunaria flower Bouquet on the pie safe

My friend Judy Eberly made the Star of Bethlehem - I have to ask her to teach me how to make them...Folding strips of paper....just wonder who ever figured this out....


Advent 2012 is here

The Thanksgiving  Day decorations are gone -
the Advent-and Christmas decorations once again are out...


November snow

November 27    Early Morning snow-----love the view from our kitchen window-magical....

Monday, November 26, 2012


Beaded Christmas Spider

Beaded Christmas Spider made from 8 and 12mm pearls , a pearl cap, buggle and seed beads strung on wire...
There is a story that goes with the spider and here it is :
Once upon a time on a Christmas Eve long ago a family in Germany was preparing
their home for a visit of the Christ child. Everything had been scrubbed and cleaned, and after the Christmas tree had been beautifully trimmed, the family went to bed.
While the family was sleeping, the little spiders who had be chased from their favorite nooks and crannies crept back to wonder at the tree's glittering beauty.  They crawled on every branch to see each shining ornament, but alas, in their exitement, they forgot to stop spinning their webs.  After their inspection, the tree was shrouded with cobwebs !
When the Christ child came and saw what had happened, He smiled at the thought of the little spiders wanting to see His tree. As He blessed it, He touched each web to turn it into gold ,and the tree shone with greater beauty than before.
Today, in many parts of the world each Christmas tree, to be complete, must have one (golden) spider,- Dearl Kniskern


Brandywine River Museum Christmas Tree decorated with critters

Many of us volunteers decorated the museum with wreath and christmas trees - this one here
has countless critters on the tree that is 2 stories high...it is magnificent - a  MUST  SEE !
The annual Critter sale will be again  on the first weekend in December and it will be staffed with volunteers- I will be there also----helping ...It will be so exiting !


Brandywine River Museum Large Wreath

On wreath making day a large number of volunteers were busy working on making  this very large wreath which finally received some 300 candles .It was quite a project


Reindeer Critters

Reindeer Critters in my kitchen
made from Teasel ,their legs are made from the stem of the Teasel  and the horns are from dried day lilly,eyes and nose are from seeds and winter berries and the tail is cotton


Gum ball Poodle Critter

My friend and
neighbor  Pat who lives across the street has a Gum ball tree she hates...it drops zillions of gumballs in her yard and she was so sweet and kept bringing me gum balls- so I made these poodles,they are so cute


Halloween Witch Teasel Bear

Halloween Witch Teasel Bear-just temporary because we have to use only natural grown materials ....I could use raffia,but how could it be dyed black....hm...maybe black walnut...ahhhha  ,  I will have to try that....sometime...


Wild TEASEL plant in my Herb garden

This odd looking weed was growing in my herb bed under the kitchen window and when it was identified to be a wild TEASEL plant, I saw this as an Omen  and decided to be again a critter volunteer ,  which I had given up when  we were moving and then restoring our 1940th farmhouse...


Teasel Bear with Porridge Bowl

This year I am again a Brandywine River Museum
 volunterr making  Critters from only natural grown items.Here is my Teasel bear design.
the owl is from an acorn,the spoon ishalf of  a soja bean shell,winterberry and sojabean in the bowl,his nose and eyes are seeds ,his hands and feet are from pine cone ,his ears are dried  centers from a Black Eyes Susan flower


Shrink Art Doll Pin

My friend Debbie Wykosky taught us to play with Shrink art- which our kids did in the 70th...This little doll is holding a braided rug on her lap


Pendants made in Glass Fusion Studio

Part of the Art retreat took us to a Northhampton Glass Studio where Erica Biery showed us how to make these interesting  Pendants by layering pieces of glass onto a glass base which then went into a Kiln for the fusion to take place....its magic !!!


Polymer clay cane buttons

At the St.Francis Art Reteat in Bethlehem,PA my friend Nancy Young demonstrated working with polymer clay and my friend Tery Favo contributed by sharing how ro make polymer clay canes which i sliced to make these odd buttons and a doll purse...fun-fun -FUN !


Beaded Hugs & Kisses Bracelets

at a recent Art Retreat I taught this bracelet to 12 students and all but two  finished their bracelets within the given 2 1/2 hours.. WOW !


Tylers 10th Birthday

on 9/11/2012
we celebrated my Grandson Tyler  10th  Birthday  togetgher
with his brothers Zachary and Lucas


Little Miss Pumpkin paperclay doll

Here she is - all dressed up - Little Miss Pumpkin


Paper Clay Doll

Here she is- my paperclay doll created with my friend and designer Colleen Athens over a weekend  at her Artsy Soul shop in Manahawkin,NJ-before the devistating storm Sandy  caused so much destruction along the New Jersey shore


Braided basket with retired men's ties

After making a basket from the thin portion of men's ties, I decided to see what happens when the wider portion of the ties are used to braid a basket.....


Big Braided Bag

Finally - I made a really BIG braided bag I wanted for some time   to haul around my stuff
I practiced the diamond pattern  and it  came out pretty good-I think....

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