Thursday, May 7, 2015


My first Corn Husk Dolls and Angel

My dear friend Evelyn Hopkins , now almost 97 years old, has been a long time Critter Volunteer for the Brandywine River Museum in Chadds Ford,PA.
She has taught me how to make all kinds of Critter figures using only natural materials, like Teasel, Pine cones, Pods and berries, acorns and dried weeds and flowers etc.. and I have been contributing as a volunteer also for the Museum's Annual Critter Sale, which is always held on the first weekend in December. Many collectors come and purchase for themselves and as gifts these beautiful pieces of handmade art.
Recently Evie showed me how to make dolls from using Corn Husks and I went right to it making my first "prototypes" , and then  adding natural goat mohair to the dolls heads.
I think I can improve on the Angel's wings by using larger corn husks...and for embellishments, the dolls will get dried little flowers or a bouquet of dried flowers....
Having fun creating and will contribute  such corn husk dolls  to the Annual Critter Sale  this year.


The Unusual Boy ,design Ankie Daanen

While attending Ankie's one day workshop and while the doggy paper clay sculptures  were drying in the turbo oven, Ankie surprised us all by giving us a  kit to make this little flat headed boy doll.
His body  is a candle stick which was painted with acrylic paint. His arms & legs are electrical wire, his hands and boots were paper clay sculpted. His head is a flat round disk to which paper clay and the facial features and pointed nose were added. The unusual features are his pants and arms. Ankie used ribbon material which had wires on the outer edges, which were gathered after sewing the ribbon edges together. Hands and boots were glued into the wires and then  glued to the body candle stick. The head was glued to the wires also, Hair was added and a copper cone hat , which Ankie sold last year at the workshop I attended where we made Ankies "Funny Girl "
This Unusual Boy  is now keeping the Blue Doggy BoBoy on his leash (-:


1 day workshop with Ankie Daanen

On April 21,2015 I drove to Mount Vernon, NY through heavy rain and fog and then waiting to cross over the George Washington Bridge into Manhattan,NY for 1 hour, I arrived still just in time by 10:00AM after four hours in the car
I wanted to make Ankie's little doggy to badly and when she offered to teach  how to, my dear friend Colleen and I jumped at the chance...
So here are the pictures ...
Here is my little doggy sculpted and lightly sanded  from paper clay
 Here is Ankie checking all the little doggies of the class participants on their drying progress in a Flavor Wave- like turbo oven  for fast drying from the inside out at low-low temperature

here is my little blue Doggy ,sanded ,painted with acrylic paint and varnished and yes, he got a silver wire neckband and a gold chain leash
I named him BoBoy (:-

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