Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Suzi Quaife's online workshop " Peacefully Pondering Fabrics"

I signed up for Australian Textile Artist Suzi Quaife's workshop"Peacefully Pondering Fabrics" where I want to create  heirloom Fabric and Lace Book pages adding photos and other items as seen here in my first page.
The photo shows my grandparents engagement photo in 1919
 I used vintage lace which I inherited from my grandma who inherited it from her aunt which makes the laces 100 years old


Several corn husk doll characters

Mother with her daughters and flowers
Here she is with her broom


making a corn husk doll step 3 and 4

step 3 taking moist corn husk strips, the doll seen in step 2 will be wrapped with strips of moist corn husks to create bulk for the upper body by wrapping those over the shoulders creating a vest
again this gets secured with heavy thread to create a waist
step 4 will create the skirt by taking several longer and wider corn husk strips they are layered in an upside down fashion , they are then secured by tightly wrapping the waist  and pulling the shirt down as seen in the photo

Here are several corn husk dolls in progress


Making Corn husk dolls step 1 ansd 2

After soaking the dry corn husks which I purchased at a Mexican food store,
in warm water, I make lay 2 strips as seen above here and tie them together with heavy thread.
then I place a 1" Styrofoam ball over the wrapped ends and wrap the ball

The head gets wrapped with thread creating a neck and arms which are strips of corn husks wrapped around floral wire ,again using thread to tie the arms while the strips are still moist, get positioned between the two corn husk strips used in step 1 and are secured in position as seen in the photo


Here I am showing off a Souvenir Hat from Salzburg/Austria

Here I did a selfie iphone photo showing off my Hat from Salzburg/Austria

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