Thursday, September 5, 2013


My beaded Starfish Collection

Been Beading Daily !


Beaded Starfish Pendant in Teal Blue, Diane Dennis design

Here I am showing Off
my beaded Starfish pendant in teal blue


Beaded Starfish, design Diane Dennis

In August I attended the BeadFest at the Oaks, PA Convention Center and a workshop with Diane Dennis where I learned to make this fabulous Startfish Pendant. I adore her signature design and treasure it.


Mixed Media Crazy Quilt Mermaid with Altered Art Fabric

The fabric for this Mermaid  was altered using a different stencil pattern for each fabric used, it was then inked for color variation and effect. Her face is epb's design (Little Barock Angel )  and her hair was braided with thin fabric strips.

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