Monday, December 9, 2013


Critters for the Brandywine River Museum,Chadds Ford,PA

I am one of 130 Brandywine Conservatory volunteers who gather natural materials  like, teasel, pine cones, seeds, berries , acorns  and make lovely detailed ornaments and figures. These Critters are sold on the first weekend in December each year and have become much desired collector items.
This years' theme is :" its raining cats and dogs"- so here I made teasel cats...
...and  Poodle dogs from balls from the Gum Ball tree
the leash is braided with raffia
...and teasel owls...
...and teasel bears holding half a soy bean pod as a spoon and an acorn bowl with berries
and here are the reindeer made from teasel, dried day lilly stems for the antlers , black berries for eyes and a red one for the nose !
 Here are Lunaria Flowers made from the parchment thin Money plant
It was fun  this past weekend seeing so many smiling faces, as I helped, along with other volunteers, finding various animals and figures such as angels, teddy bears, and figures related to professions like nurses, teachers, golfers etc...  many ,many of these lovely ,nicely boxed whimsical creations were sold and more  will be available at the museum's gift shop until January.
The proceeds from the Critter sales benefits the Brandywine River Museum's Volunteer's Art Purchase Fund.

The Member of my EGA group decided to donate mittens for a mitten tree for the Hankin Library where we meet monthly. made these from felt and applique design stitched with a blanket stitch

I have also  been working on this hooked Fraktur Angel  rug ,which will be finished as a half circle and be hung over a door in the house as
 "Haus Segen"  =  House Blessing


Ankie Daanen Bonus online class

 The Bonus online class was making a throne for the doll.
It was made from a Pizza Box cardboard, painted with acrylic paint  and embellished with antique print silk paper and further embellished with Glitter Glue.
For he doll's hat  I  folded a small  paper box which could use some paint and  Triple Thick
 High Gloss glaze

... I'll think about that tomorrow....


Annkie Daanen online class costuming a doll

I named her "Annelie"
still deciding about her shoes,   I want to give her boots instead


Ankie Daanen Online Class

Paper clay sculpted doll,  Dutch Artist Ankie Daanen's " Perfect Body"  and Face & Costuming  Online class. Costuming is next

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