Monday, April 27, 2015


Arubia, Essence of a Sea Horse Sculptured doll , design Linda Hollerich

Truly enjoyed creating Linda's superb design of this Sea Horse doll names "Arubia"
I  reduced  the pattern so the doll measures only 12"
Instead of painting Arubias tail, I wiped on Viva Modeling paste in Mother of Pearl hue
then I used stamp pads of various colors and wiped those on very lightly over the tail.

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Petie Bird , design Susan Barrymore / Frowning Francis

 I glued the  cut out feather patterns onto contraction paper and painted those with Patina Metal inks
 This was a gift pattern given by Susan Barrymore to participants in her online class making her
Wisteria Steam Punk   Angel doll
The Bird body  is made from muslin, stuffed, painted with Gesso and acrylic paint.
I used aluminum sheets which I  cut from empty soda cans, embossed these using my Big Kick machine and  several different embossing folders

 Here is Petie Blue Bird begging for his wings- he tried on the face mask too
Here he is - he is a fabulous creation, thanks to the designer and her good instructions
I am forever a copy cat ....
Petie is my treasure birdie now and another keeper (-:


SILVIA The Gift , design Linda Hollerich

Here is my version of Linda Hollerich's  beautiful design pattern
The Gift- Silvia
She has a cloth body and Head, hands and boots are sculpted with paper clay and painted with acrylic paint.
I like to tailor my doll's outfits, so they are removable and nothing gets glued on.
Her hair are dyed sheep wool curls
Her vest is made from deer skin
I think she is sweet and a keeper,too


Silvia - The Gift , Paper Clay sculpted with cloth body , design pattern Linda Hollerich


Valentine doll design Linda Hollerich

Online class with Linda Hollerich, VALENTIINE
Doll  with muslin body, paper clay sculpted bust , hands and shoes

 hands and legs with slippers to be painted
Here she is 
 My Valentine assembled and dressed. - JUST LOOK AT HER POSE
showing off a bit of her bloomers...
I think she is a keeper

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