Monday, September 28, 2009


Workshop with Polymer Clay Sculpter Jared Johnston

Here is the Clay Baby Doll Parade

Baby with bows in hair is my little
"Friedolin-a"...first I thought of a boy doll, but then my son Ralf commented that "he" looks like "Chunky"..a nasty TVcharacter ...soooo
back on with the bows I decided, now she is Friedolina , LOL

Oh what funnn it was being at my friend Colleen's beachhouse again for another workshop.This time we learned to sculpt with Polymer Clay and the object was to make a complete Baby doll.
Jared ( son of famous sculpter John Johnston) flew in from N.Salt Lake City,Utah on Thursday 9/17/09 where Teri and Sylvia picked him up at Newark, NJ Airport and before long we all enjoyed Sylvia's great salad and Teri's great cheese stuffed crepes with home made tomato sauce and Italian sausage bread along with a smorgasboard of goodies......Jared was a delight to be with, his relaxed manner of teaching, like show 'n tell - now you do it, worked great for us ... we all left on Sunday as new Clay Baby Doll Mamas.......check out the pics , Jared was proud of us.....LOL


Clay project Dino

My Grandsons Tyler and Zachary were spending time at Omi's house and I wanted them to learn to play with clay, but the new DSi's were more exiting to them.
Here they are looking at my Dino design ....LOL!

Now that I learned new tricks in Christi Friesen's online class I had to try another project


Polymer Clay Online class with Christi Friesen" FirePig"

My friend Teri told me about this online class ...It gave me a push to start playing around with Polymer clay, so I took the dsame class and look at it, funny !


Workshop with Clothdoll Artist Stacy Clark

I saw Stacy Clark's Clothdoll Exhibit "My own Fairy Tale " at the Schwenkfelder Library in Pennsburg PA in January and soon after I met Stacy during her Library Studio time.Fascinated by her variety of doll characters and her exquisite Fiber Art expressions, I told my Dolling friends about Stacy and they came to visit all the way from northern New Jersey to meet with her and see her doll display.We were so lucky that Stacy agreed to meet with us for a workshop the end of June 2009, especially since Stacy was getting ready for her move to Paris/France for the next few years !

We decided to make Stacy's design "The Old woman in the Shoe".

Attached photo is my version of it.



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