Wednesday, March 23, 2011


First Grandson Tyler...

Tyler loves all kinds of ball games - he started playing Golf at age 2 using a  crumbled up  paper "ball" he found on the floor and a dusting mop at a "golf club"...


First Grandson Tyler...


My youngest Grandson will be....

Lucas ist not into dolls like his Omi - he likes Thomas the Train and all his friends...Henry...and all the others- he knows all of their names - which I can't remember,hahahaa


Youngest Grandson Lucas

Can't believe it - we will be celebration our Lukey's 2.Birthday already


Braided Rapunzel Tower and Stepmother

The Valley Forge Braiders Guild of which I am a Member
offered participation in the "Fairy Tale" Challenge 2011.
I braided the tower to look  old   ,added the picot fence and top portion with roof.
The "open " window was felted and the hair braid worked with a thin wire and left over Glitter spun yarn. ..The cloth doll was made from scratch a la  Doll Artist /Designer  Stacy Clark
She is dressed with pantalons, a crochet bordered Vintage handkerchief for a  pettycoat, a lace crocheted doilly for her hat...The doll has an armature allowing her to stand..



Baby Alpacca Grande Shrug - Oh so soft   !

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