Sunday, January 11, 2015


Paper Clay sculpted with cloth body Mermaid doll "MORA" design Linda.Hollerich online class

MORA's head and hands sculpted

MORA's rear view

MORA  with her staff  background Beach scene painting by Tschanni
This MORA was
MORA was created during an online class . I reduced her  cloth body pattern  by 60% making the doll much smaller than Linda Hollerich's original design.


Paper clay sculpted Fairy Princess "PENNY",design Colleen Colquhoun Athens

Here she is my little Fairy Princess "Penny" which was created during a two day workshop at Colleen's Artsy Soul  Studio in Hackettstown,NJ
I pretty much copied Colleen's design, then I made her outfit using layers of tulle which was dyed
with fabric color and her  top  and jacket, which were tailored., then stained using stamp pads
Close up photo

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