Monday, May 2, 2016


Quilted GypsyWagon completed



Quilted Gypsywagon pieces ready to be assembled

Pattern pieces completed and fabric bound with balck bias fabric tape and ready to be put together


Quilted GypsyWagon ,design Arley Barryhill

Fabric lay out for this new project which has been on the back burner for quite some time

This lovely fabric and vintage lace postcard was gifted to me by the amazing textile artist Lorraine Williams  who sent it to me all the way from Melbourne,Australia.
Thank you, dear Lorraine, I will always treasure your special gift -:)

My Mom ,Baby Ruth in her Baptismal gown. This Taufkleid /gown was worn by me and my brother
then cousins and my four children and it was present at the baptism of my three grandsons .
I used vintage handmade lace  and a pink  dyed doily  and various embellishments over the stacked fabric which was then attached to the album page


Vintage Fabric and Lace album page

Here is page two of my Fabric and Lace Heirloom Album
The photo is my Mom Baby Ruth in her Baby carriage together with her Mom, Dad and paternal Grand Mother in 1921
I used vintage Swiss lace and ribbon ,  handmade vintage lace cloth   - then  framed the photo with my grandmother's Ivory necklace from 1919

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