Thursday, March 5, 2009


My first Braided Rug in progress

I am so exited that my braided rug project is turning out better than I expected.

I found a wonderful teacher in Loretta Zvarick who has been braiding rugs since she was a young Mom raising 12 children and 3 forster children, living on a working local farm. Loretta has a STASH of woolens, every solid shade amaginable and also large varieties of plaids. Customers from far and wide order from her website or drive miles and miles to purchase 100% woolens for their braiding projects. How lucky for me that I live only a jump and a hop away from Loretta ....

I have three rows to braid yet and to lace with waxed linen using a special blunt needle. Then I will learn how to butt the end of the braid and on a "silber platter" I'll present this treasure to my hubby for his new Art studio.


My first Braded Rug in progress

I am so exited about my latest project turning out much better than I ever thought.

I found a wonderful Rug Braiding teacher in Loretta Zvarick who has been Rug braiding since she was a young Mom of 12 , living on a working local Farm . Loretta has a stash of woolens , every shade of solid color and large variety of plaids which she sells to customers far and wide .

I am so lucky to live nearby , especially since 100% wool is hardly found in regular fabric stores, instead wool mills in distant states like Maine......

I have still tree rows to braid and lace and butt the end....John already claimed the Rug for his new Art studio...


EGA Friendship Sampler

As a member of the Covered Bridge Chapter of the Embroidery Guild of America (EGA)

I participated in a project the Chapter elected to do for its 25th Anniversary . It is a Friendship sampler for which each participating member embroidered one line and the sampler was transfered each month until it finally is returned to its owner. The photo here shows the finished Sampler for Susan. I embroidered the last line, and selected a cross stitch Germanic Folklore border found in similar form in antique German Samplers.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Heidi- Needle Arts etcetera: New Doll "Hot off the needle"

Heidi- Needle Arts etcetera: New Doll "Hot off the needle"


New Doll "Hot off the needle"

In February I had four days available to make another doll. I had this pattern "One Kiss is Not Enough " designed by Stephanie Novatski since last Summer and have been itching to get to it.

What a fantastic pattern with such detailed instructions, WOW !

I just love Steph's patterns and this doll is just so pretty with her Frog Prince, she is my favorite now, I seem to always love the last doll I created fact I love them all and they are all residing with us throughout the house....ohh, gee since they are more than hubby and myself, I just realize that we live in the Doll house.....hahahaaaa


Stacy Clark Cloth Doll Exhibit at the Schwenkfelder Library

In January I had an e-mail from my Friend Traudl telling me about a clothdoll exhibit at the Schwenkfelder Library in Pennsburg,PA which is not far from where I live. Right away, I knew I had to see it and went the very next day. I just could not get enough seeing all of Stacy Clark's exquisite and unique dolls in fabulous storybook settings. The Library hosted Studio time with the designer Stacy that following Saturday and this is when I had a chance to briefly speak with her .

Attached here is a photo of Stacy Clark's exhibit which will be open until June 30 ,2009


Hooked Rug'Viking Ship"

In January 2009 I started hooking the "Viking Ship', which I had purchased in the Museum Shop in Trinity,Newfoundland last July . The design was drawn on burlap with a Felt marker and is very old , but the artist's name is not known. Here is the photo of my interpretation using wool strips "harvested" from Thrift shop wool clothing and I decided not to work the entire "picture" instead I sculpted the piece...notice the Danish Flag , white cross on red...same as the Swiss about "Swiss" hubby thinks he could have had Viking ancestors....that's why he loves the Viking history and their stories....and feeling right at home in Newfoundland which the Viking ,Eric the Red, found and occupied on it's Northern Coast,now known as L'anse aux Meadows way before Columbus found Amerika


My Little Witch ,design Stephanie Novatski

Our SewSewDoll Club is going to exchange a Witch doll made from Stephanie's pattern, so I got into gear to finish her before Christmas, but the exchange had to be postponed for various reasons, so now it will be Tery & myself exchanging is so interesting to see the variations , how each dollmaker interpreds the pattern

I had such fun dressing my "Little Kitchen Witch riding her Broom"


My version of "Sophrana"

In November 2008 I had a very exiting weekend at Colleens Studio where Tery, Colleen and I were treated to a very special one -on one- with our friend Stephanie Novatski teaching us amazing tricks and sharing her own design pattern for her "Sophrana"....The result, my Sophrana pictured here


Small Hooked Rug

In November 2008 I took a class on Rug Hooking from Peg Kaufman at the Olde Peddlers Wool Shoppe in Morgantown,PA. The Shop owner Darlene Umble has this historic old Fieldstone Farmhouse stuffed with fabulous yarn and upstairs she has a classroom for the rug Hookers and another one for the Spinners...she sells felting wool and has all shades of hand dyed soft woolens and assorted tools for the hookers...hahaaaaa


Dollshow in Limerick Diner

A friend from my EGA Bead Group asked me to show my dolls to the Ladies with Red Hats Group and Mary Anne took my photo holding my "Monique" epb design


The SewSewDollClub has Pearl Moon from Australia teaching a workshop on Fiber Arts and we all made stunning fiber art creations.This doll is "Linda, Brazilian Beauty" is showing off the fabric created


Fabric Collage made in workshop with Pearl Moon


My Crazy Quilt first block embroidery


My first Crazy Quilt

My first small Crazy quilt patchwork completed July 2008 just in time to take it with me on our vacation to Newfoundland...for something to do while on the 14 hour Ferry crossing

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