Thursday, December 10, 2009


Clay Bouquet necklace

Necklace strung and completed with patina application and final glaze....I think it turned out   quite pretty

signed project


Clay Bouquet Necklace

baked  and out of the oven flowers


Clay Necklace Online class Christi Friesen design

Here all clay beads and the main flower are placed into the Turbo air oven  to be baked at 275F for 1 hour
To learn step-by step  procedures and also  the new  clay materials, i signed up for an online class with Christi Friesen to do her Bouquet Necklace


Bouquet Clay Necklace

My friend Collen uses this super duper convection air oven for curing her clay projects, so I got one on ebay and it worked great-no scorching


A knitted Bear for Tyler

Didn't he come out really cute?
I think so...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


A knitted Bear for Zachary

A knitted Pirate Bear for my grandson Zachary.


Knitted Baby Bear

I found this Teddy Bear Book at JoAnn's with knitted Bear Instructions, so here he is a Chenille Bear for my Grandbaby Lukey dressed in a knitted shirt and overalls


My Summer Knitting Project

This Vest is growing longer and longer..the Italien Linen yarn was purchsed  15 years ago for some project...Well, it is done, but will I ever wear it?
I even made a polymer clay button for it ....

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