Saturday, March 4, 2017


Dorset Button Basket with Roses

 My friend Pat gave me her treasure - an old brass ring which she grabbed riding a carousel
years ago....
 Since Pat likes the color yellow, I used a golden crochet yarn and covered the entire ring using a blanket stitch and then pushed the loops towards the inner circle. Then I used dark green embroidery thread and with a  needle secured this thread as seen in the photo. this gave me the base for weaving the basket for which I used variegated silk thread.
 Now I needed to weave a base for the flowers and I used green embroidery thread for that
 Finally I used red embroidery thread and made French knots creating the roses.
Since this ring is quite heavy, it could not be made into a pin, but I attached a removable
gold chain using claw clasps.
I hope my friend Pat will like the transformation of her carousel ring and I can't wait to give it back to her :-)

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