Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Hooked Rug'Viking Ship"

In January 2009 I started hooking the "Viking Ship', which I had purchased in the Museum Shop in Trinity,Newfoundland last July . The design was drawn on burlap with a Felt marker and is very old , but the artist's name is not known. Here is the photo of my interpretation using wool strips "harvested" from Thrift shop wool clothing and I decided not to work the entire "picture" instead I sculpted the piece...notice the Danish Flag , white cross on red...same as the Swiss Flag....hm...think about it....my "Swiss" hubby thinks he could have had Viking ancestors....that's why he loves the Viking history and their stories....and feeling right at home in Newfoundland which the Viking ,Eric the Red, found and occupied on it's Northern Coast,now known as L'anse aux Meadows way before Columbus found Amerika

Very cool!
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