Thursday, March 5, 2009


My first Braided Rug in progress

I am so exited that my braided rug project is turning out better than I expected.

I found a wonderful teacher in Loretta Zvarick who has been braiding rugs since she was a young Mom raising 12 children and 3 forster children, living on a working local farm. Loretta has a STASH of woolens, every solid shade amaginable and also large varieties of plaids. Customers from far and wide order from her website or drive miles and miles to purchase 100% woolens for their braiding projects. How lucky for me that I live only a jump and a hop away from Loretta ....

I have three rows to braid yet and to lace with waxed linen using a special blunt needle. Then I will learn how to butt the end of the braid and on a "silber platter" I'll present this treasure to my hubby for his new Art studio.

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