Saturday, March 4, 2017


My first handmade Thread Buttons / Meine ersten Zwirn Knoepfe

Here are my first hand made Zwirn Knoepfe/ Thread Buttons  following instructions from Sabine Krump's book " Posamentenknoepfe "

 This is a lovely photo of the author and fiber artist Sabine Krump showing off some of her fancy
handmade buttons
 She is The  Button Maker / Die Knopfmacherin who learned the Art of button making from her Grandmother and she shares the story that making buttons for bedding and underwear was an occupation for poor people working from home. Even children participated in making buttons to help the family  to earn a bit of extra  money . The entire village was producing  these buttons in the 18- and 19 hundreds.  Sabine took the Art to a new level by using colors other than just white and by designing various ever changing designs.
 Here are my  treasure books which I ordered from the Sabine Krump, Austrian Button Maker Artist
and Author of several outstanding books with instructions as well as the history of this almost forgotten art which she brought back into the present....

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